Tom Worthington

Tom WorthingtonProject Manager

tom worthington
areas of expertise
  • Renewable Technology
  • Project Management
  • Spreadsheet Software
  • Public Speaking
  • MSc in Renewable Energy and Clean Technology
  • BEng Chemical Engineering

Tom is a new addition to the team, having just completed his MSc in Renewable Energy and Clean Technology at the University of Manchester. Spurred by an interest in large industrial projects and challenging numerical projects, Tom has previously achieved a first-class honours in Chemical Engineering and is therefore able to grasp and understand engineering concepts across a wide range of topics and industries, utilising practical, academic and software-based skillsets.

Having pioneered a student-driven project during his undergraduate degree which engaged students to design and build a wind turbine for on-campus use, Tom has never shied away from driving projects forward, leading a team and showing his passion for sustainability. This early experience proved invaluable during his undergraduate degree sandwich placement with GE Power and water, where Tom worked as an Engineering Support Intern for 13 months and lead projects, such as the manufacture of a reverse osmosis machine, to a combined valuation of $400,000.

Tom is currently working towards his chartered status with Q Sustain, enhancing his knowledge in engineering and sustainability, whilst developing skills in project management with an award-winning consultancy firm.