Avanti West Coast Energy Efficiency & Carbon Neutral Feasibility Studies

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Q Sustain have been conducting Carbon Neutral Feasibility Studies for the entire Avanti West Coast station portfolio.


We have developed our very own methodology that follows the Energy Hierarchy, by first analysing all energy consumption from all systems and equipment such as lighting, heating, ventilation, then recommended bespoke energy efficiency improvements following detailed site audits, before assessing viability for low carbon technology solutions. Our site audits also consider how occupants use and space, and how these needs can be integrated into our proposals.

Following detailed site surveys, energy data is analysed to determine site energy behaviour trends and carbon baselines.

Our reports detailed bespoke recommendations for each site, considering a variety of constraints, that optimised environmental, social and economic performance. This also included enhanced controls of plant and equipment.

The result was to optimise the station’s energy usage and lower the carbon footprint, while still presenting a viable business case for the client across a variety of financial metrics.

Working with our suppliers to prepare for early stakeholder engagement and assess supply chain readiness, many exciting site-specific recommendations were made, enabling our client to target both corporate and national carbon targets, whilst delivering on a triple bottom line of economic, environmental and social benefits.

Q Sustain aligned its feasibility carbon neutrality studies with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol to ensure that our methodology would meet industry standards and ensure accuracy.

Following these studies, we produced a gap analysis to plan rollout of carbon projects to meet corporate targets and national legislation.